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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Transformational ‘Diversity and Inclusion Training’ is an art, not a science. Science with all its theories, metrics and data is an important component, but not the be all end all. CMFC programs have three objectives: activate critical thinking, expand awareness, and initiate growth. All in the spirit of working better together, seeing talent in all of its forms and maintaining a competitive edge among your peers.


From a conceptual standpoint the CMFC approach explores the extremes to expand what people see and how they see it. It being the world around them. The process is iterative and fluid. There will never be stasis in respect to diversity and inclusion, nor will there ever be a one size fits all solution.  


Too many factors and variables demand a dynamic and granular approach to trainings about diversity and inclusion, in order for them to be beneficial. Drawing from over 15 years of experience of facilitating Implicit bias training, as well as key principles derived from the performing arts, CMFC understands what it takes for D&I trainings to be effective and have lasting impact.

Mount Fuji in the Background
  • Discover what DEI means for a specific company, it’s culture and values

  • Articulate the value of DEI for your business

  • Deepen understanding of how DEI impacts employees and company culture

  • Examine the interplay between established cultural norms and a company’s status quo

  • Explore company’s response to various movements of social change

  • Define stereotypes and how they might contribute to collective blind spots

  • Connect the optics of an organization the individual’s experiences within the company

  • Identify actions to advance DEI initiatives 


Train Crossing Bridge

Core Topics 

  • Gender

  • Race

  • LGBTQ+

  • Mental Health

  • Neurodiversity

  • Socioeconomics

  • Cultural Differences


Next Steps

  • Increase awareness and highlight next steps for lasting impact

  • Clarify what DEI means to you and your organization

  • Create common language and deeper understanding around DEI

  • Linking DEI best practice to company wide success

DEI Training Process







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